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NYC Postcard PrintingIs your business considering printing NYC Postcards?  Although postcard marketing is simple, it surely is not foolproof.  Great postcards cave the capacity to immediately grab the attention of consumers and create new customers.  On the other hand, ineffective business cards are nothing but a wast of time and recourses.  Below are 5 tips to help you launch a successful post card marketing campaign.

NYC Postcards: Marketing Advice

1. Monitor your progress and results.  Be sure to monitor your results early in the campaign as well as long term. Responses within days of launching is a sign of a successful campaign.  You should take note of email volume, online traffic, and new customers you receive after beginning a new postcard campaign.

As long as your marketing campaign is active, keep a record your results each day.  Note the source of everything, and take special notice of what postcard and what specific part of the postcard generated the results. This will let you know what to repeat in future campaigns, and which aspects to do away with. A good rule of thumb – An effective postcard campaign returns a minimum of four times the cost.

2. Result generating postcard campaigns always contain these important elements:

  • Eye catching brand imagery on both sides of the card
  • Images of products/services
  • Consist color scheme and fonts
  • A coherent and clear message to your target
  • A call to action

3. A good balance of consistency and frequency.  A good frequency to send out postcards is 8 to 12 times a year to your highest-value market, and 4-8 times a year to other target markets. The main goal is to generate an awareness of your brand. When consumers think of the products or services that your business provides, your brand should immediately come to mind. When your name comes to mind, people will associate it with quality and familiarity.

4. Primarily target high-value markets. A market is simply a group of people that have something in common. High-value markets are the ones that will bring the largest return on effort and investment. You want to send your postcards to the groups of people most likely to generate the results.

5. Keep your customers in mind!  As you design your postcard marketing campaign, try to come at it from your customer’s point of view.  Make sure to highlight how your product or service is advantageous to them.

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