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When you need a printing project done, you face the decision of either doing it online, or through a local print shop. Here are a few reasons why it is recommended to hire a local print shop.

Reasons to Choose a Local Print Shop | NYC Printer

NYC Print Shop

  • It’s a Personal Relationship – In this high-tech world, often the value of face-to-face interaction gets lost. But there’s something to be said about talking with a person.  At a local print shop, the owner or employee will greet you and tell you about their services. They may even take you on a tour of their facility. Businesses used to revolve around relationship. Owners and clients truly knew each other. They had an ongoing relationship built on trust and quality that would many times even grow outside of just business. If you work with an NYC printer, he can talk with you about your individual needs and see that those needs are met. Often a local NYC printer can tailor their services for your work, offering more choices and higher quality. Plus, if you continue to build a relationship with the same printer, it will become increasingly easier to manage print flow, because he’ll know your business and you both will understand the process.
  • Quality & Options –  Often print quality is higher with a local print shop, and usually they will offer more options. Many times they have a variety of printers, folders, cutters, and paper types to work with. One reason that online commercial printers are cheaper is because they generally only offer a couple of paper types, thus they can buy them in bulk and charge less. This is fine for basic projects, but if you’re looking for something more, you will be hard pressed to find a good online option. Local print shops can pull out a variety of samples to look through and find out what’s best for you. They can also work with you on making sure your colors are perfect and documents are lined up properly. Usually, an NYC printer will even print a proof so you can check everything over. This can be hard to do in an online world where you just click away your files into cyberspace and wait hopefully for solid results in the mail.  A local print shop tends to really care about the quality of its work and want you to be satisfied, so that you keep coming back.
  • To Support Local Business – It’s always a good idea to support local businesses.  It helps to build up the local economy. It encourages the character and identity of the community, and it builds relationships. Relationships thrive in this setting because local businesses are more personal, hands-on, and offer more product diversity and customizability. Plus, the small businessman is also more likely to give back to the community themselves.

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