How to Find a Good NYC Print Shop

NYC Print Shop

There are a bunch of different local print shops in NYC. If you’ve got a big printing project on your hands, you’re going to want to choose the company that will do the best job. This raises the question of how can one decide in which is the best NYC print shop for the job. Here are some things you can do to assess whether your potential NYC print shop is a keeper.

Finding a Good NYC Print Shop | NYC Printer Service

NYC Print Shop

  • Research –  Customers write about their experiences with their local NYC print shop. Search for printers in your area, and read what past customers have to say. While your experiences may differ, it’s usually safe to say that a NYC print shop with numerous complaints is a red flag. You can also check out each company’s website and check to see if they have the skills, equipment, and everything else needed to complete your poster printing successfully.
  • Talk to the Employees – If you are unable to go to a physical store location, you can always call each NYC print shop. Tell the employee exactly what you need, and listen to what they have to say. Write down any important information, such as turnaround times, quality options, prices, size options, and other important factors. This allows you to compare and contrast the companies on your own time. Talking with the workers can also provide insight as to whether or not you feel comfortable working with that NYC print shop.
  • Ask About Capabilities and Pricing – Some NYC print shops are better than others. You want to be positive that the company you choose has the equipment to do the best job possible. You may have to pay more for higher quality, so compare prices related to your options to decide the best course of action. There’s a chance may find that you are able to pay significantly less for a negligible difference in quality.
  • Ask About Turnaround Times – If you need your project completed within a certain time frame, it is important that you discuss it with the NYC print shop beforehand. Never assume that a job will be done in time, even if you feel like you have plenty of time to spare. Tell the printing company exactly when your deadline is, and get a guarantee that the project will be completed.

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Common Mistakes When Choosing a Print Shop

When you need something to be printed, you want to get the best service possible. With so many print shops out there in the Manhattan area, how is one supposed to go about choosing? To help you choose a print shop, here are a handful of common mistakes that people make when it comes to printing.

Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Print Shop

Manhattan Print Shop | NYC Printing Services

  • Picking a Print Shop based only on price. The old saying is true. “You get what you pay for.” This is especially true in the printing business. If you want good printing, you should decide to deal with a print shop because of the overall value you receive, not because they are the cheapest.
  • You think all print shops are the same. Every printer is different. No two print shops are ever the same. Each one has different equipment and different employees who know how to do certain kinds of jobs well. Every company has a different number of employees, each with different abilities, and different lead times to complete your work.
  • You always have three or more Manhattan print shops competing with each other for your work. You may think this is a good way to do business. And sometimes it is. But here is why it usually isn’t a good way to deal with printers. A good print shop has enough loyal customers that they don’t have to deal with price shoppers. Once you find a good printer, you must be loyal to them. If you flip-flop from printer to printer, a good print shop won’t be too motivated to keep you as a customer.
  • You think having the right equipment is all a printer needs to print your job. Many printers own great equipment, but that doesn’t mean they know how to run it. You can have the most advanced, top of the line equipment, but if you don’t know how to operate it properly, you are better off not even turning the thing on.
  • You don’t give your print shop enough time to print your job properly. Mistakes happen when things are rushed. When you’re in a hurry, you may forget to tell your printer certain instructions. Or you might make a mistake on your original artwork because you were concentrating on getting it done, instead of getting it done right.
  • You pick print shops that don’t guarantee their work. All reputable printers guarantee their work automatically. This means if they make a mistake on your printing, they will re-run your job at no charge. Unfortunately, there are unethical print shops who won’t do this. Instead, they won’t make good on your printing and may not take any responsibility for their mistakes. An unethical printer may hold your artwork hostage. Or may say they will fix your printing, but pin the problem on you and tack on an extra charge. There are a bunch of other things a frowned upon print shop may do to you.
  • You don’t ask for references. This is probably the easiest way you can avoid any problems with a print shop. All good, reputable print shops will eagerly give you references. Ask your printer to give you at least three names of people they have done business with. Ask them how long they have worked with this customer and what type of printing they normally do for them. Get names of customers who print things similar to what you need to print.

Absolut Color is a local midtown Manhattan print shop.  We have the capabilities, talent, and experience to service any size project. We will provide you with invaluable business card printing services as well as save you time, money, and frustration in dealing with your printing needs.

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