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Living in New York City, you have thousands of business opportunities. Although we have the internet to make connections, connections made in person with a simple business card make a much greater impact. If you’re looking for a job or clients, a wonderfully designed business card printed by the best NYC printer will greatly help your networking. To create an effective business card, here are a few tips from us to you.

Follow Paper Design Principles | Best NYC Printer

When creating a business card, you want to account for the limits of your small 3.5 x 2″ card. Keep your copy at least 5mm away from the edges to account for bleeding edges and to ensure that your copy will stay on the card. Consider using a grid to help you in your design process. Absolut Color offers templates to help you know exactly what parameters you should use to design your business card. Design using 300dpi minimum for the clearest results, and keep your font at legible sizes. Keep it simple, and only supply basic information so as not to overcrowd the design.

Maximize Space

While you only have a few inches of space, you can still make that space count. Start by including all your basic information: the name of the company, your name, email, phone number, etc. After you get those details in, plan your design around the wording to make it stand out creatively. Use bright colors and images to enhance your copy. Use colors and images that add to your brand and draw attention to your information. The design should focus around your copy, not distract it.

Use Different Finishes | Best NYC Printer

If you want your business card to be more memorable than the rest, consider investing in a different card material or adding a special finish to your card. Some common types of finishes include foil blocking and metallic links, or consider adding texture to your card by requesting cuts in your card. Make your lettering or design stand out by adding an extra layer to your design. When people feel your card in their hand, it will have a unique edge most business cards will not. Ask Absolut Color about how you can make your card stand out in their hands.

Proofread Your Art and Copy

You always want to read twice and print once. One small error on that business card will ruin the whole batch. If any potential partners were to see this misprint before you did, it could discredit you and your business. Employers and business partners value attention to detail, and if they see a typo or serious design flaw, they will not consider you worthy of their time. Proofreading is crucial to emphasizing your professionalism and work efforts. Even if everything looks OK to you, get an outsider’s perspective to read it, they may notice something you missed. When you look at something for long enough, it becomes easier to ignore mistakes you might make. That phone number may be accurate, but make sure it’s the right phone number. Does the design look appropriate and fit the message you want to convey? Proofreading will always be your most important step in the design process.

Best NYC Printer

Designing your business card may come naturally, but you want a printer company that will treasure these cards as much as you do. If you’re looking for the best NYC printer, search no further than Absolut Color. We offer simple templates to help you in your design process, and we constantly update our hardware and software to give you the best printing job possible. Look into our business card options by visiting our website or calling 212-868-0404.

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