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If you own a business, run events, or have something to say, you may want to consider creating a poster. A poster is a great, creative way to spread a message for many to see. You may design many posters in a given day, or this could be one of your first times. If you would like help designing a poster before getting your New York City printer services, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn a few tips about creating an effective poster you can print for the world to see.

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Make It Easy to Read | New York City Printer Services

The clearer the poster, the better. If you want the poster to help in your publicity efforts, you need to see it clearly from various distances and angles. Make the font large for readers, and make it stand out on the poster. Contrast is key to making your message pop. If you use a brighter font, use a darker background to contrast. That white lettering against a neon green and yellow may look like a nice color scheme, but it’s not practical. Surprisingly, many designers miss this basic principle. You can go bold with your design, but use a large amount of contrast if you do. Make the wording stand out against your background, and use eye-popping colors to catch people’s attention.Don’t go crazy with the design by missing your basic goal, which is for people to read the poster.

Think About Size and Location

How large you plan to make the poster and where you plan to display it will determine how you design your poster. Make sure your poster will stand out wherever you plan to place it. If you plan to place them on brown poles, keep the color scheme away from brown. If you make your poster smaller, consider how you can still pull focus. Use a bright color scheme, or make the lettering larger on the small poster. Maybe make it simpler so your readers know where to focus. If the content of your poster is difficult to find after a quick glance, most people will move on. The environment surrounding your poster should impact your design choices.

Keep It Simple | New York City Printer Services

While you may have a lot of great design ideas for a complex image, a simpler design will often have a much greater impact. Consider choosing one image/visual for your background to give it emphasis. This should should grab readers’ interest more than multiple pieces thrown into a design. You want to pull focus quickly, and a large visual should stand out over large distances. Another way to keep it simple is to use white space. White space is space between your text and/or visuals that is taken up by the background. It may look weird to have everything so spaced out, but this will make your poster easier to read at long distances. This will also help your design to look cleaner and less crowded.

Call To Action

Most posters invite people to do something or make them aware of a cause. Your call to action should be placed prominently on your poster and stand out. Make your statement clear so your readers can take the next steps if they’d like. Include all the necessary information they need, such as the who, what, where, when, and why. Your poster may not need to answer all those questions based on your goal, but make the next steps as easy as possible for your public.

Poster designs can be a lot of work, but they’re also a lot of fun! You should enjoy your time designing your poster to make a statement in a creative way. After you’ve designed your poster, find your New York City printer services with Absolut Color. We have been serving the Manhattan area since 1960, and are continuously updating our software and hardware at a competitive price your your printing needs. Simply send us the file of your newly designed poster and we will take care of the rest. Happy printing!

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