Planning for Commercial Printer Services

When you go to a commercial printer, you want everything to come out just right. Without the correct planning, you may end up wasting time, money, and sanity. Here are a few thing that you can do to prepare before getting the project done with your commercial printer –

Preparing for Commercial Printer Services

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  • Discuss your project with your commercial printer. Consult with your commercial printer before and during the design process to save time and money later. Before you start your project, describe your project and goals, and find out your printer’s requirements.
  • Choose your color model early. Before you spend a lot of time designing your publication, decide whether you want to print your publication in color. If you print your publication to a high-quality digital color printer, you don’t need to worry about color. Digital color printers accurately reproduce millions of colors. If you plan to print your publication on an offset printing press, you have several color-model options. Offset printing requires that a professional press operator set up and run the print job. Generally, every ink that is needed to print the publication requires more setup for the operator and increases the cost. The number of inks that you need depends on the color model that you choose.
  • Make sure that your publication pages are the correct size. Before you create your publication, you should decide what size you want the finished printed publication to be. Be sure to consult your commercial printing service.
  • Avoid using tints for text at small font sizes. When the tinted text is at a small font size, the dots that make up the screen may be insufficient to clearly define the shape of the characters. The resulting text is blurred or speckled and hard to read. If the tint is a process color (using multiple inks), registration of the inks may be imperfectly aligned, which can add a fuzzy edge to the text.
  • Size digital photos and scanned images appropriately. Graphics that are created by a paint program, a scanning program, or a digital camera are made up of a grid of differently colored squares called pixels. The more pixels a graphic has, the more detail it shows.

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