Spiral binding is a popular binding method that involves a plastic spiral coil and a binding machine that makes small holes in the sheets. The binding machine spins the plastic coil through the holes to hold the sheets together. This process is also known as coil binding and is most common with binding notebooks, documents, and small catalogs. This type of book binding is very resistant to destruction and allows the sheets to be fully rotated, making it easy to place on a flat service.

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Layout Templates

The layout templates can be used to guide you through creating your project which is meant to help ensure your finished print piece comes out exactly as you intended. Each template includes bleed lines, cut lines, and safety margins (very important!).

These layout templates can be used in a wide variety of software applications, including but not limited to Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkExpress, CorelDRAW, and Microsft Publisher to name a few.

By using these layout templates with your submitted projects, it will help save time and possibly hiccups, as well as eliminating production issues that might otherwise delay your order or increase your costs.

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