AbsolutColor can custom design and print the perfect custom trade show display to fit your business needs. Trade Show displays can help draw attendees to your booth. It is a great way to let people know about your business’ products and services. We can produce various trade show materials such as banners, full-color posters, and foam board printing. AbsolutColor can take care of all your printing needs for trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions. We feature a full range of substrates to mount your posters and display graphics or photos. Take your displays to the next level with optional protective laminates as well in gloss, matte & satin finishes to prolong your valuable custom trade show display.

Product Information

  • Size Max. size for print banners, posters, and signs are up to 60″ wide Max. size for stickers and floor graphics are up to 60″ wide Retractable banners are single or double-sided An assortment of stands, posts & frames available Customize your trade show displays by size, substrate and ink Choose one-side or double-sided printing Optional digital laser cutting available for any shape, design, pattern, lettering, etc. Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Wide-format substrates for posters & banners Gloss, matte and uncoated papers for brochures, stickers, and flyers

Layout Templates

The layout templates can be used to guide you through creating your project which is meant to help ensure your finished print piece comes out exactly as you intended. Each template includes bleed lines, cut lines, and safety margins (very important!).

These layout templates can be used in a wide variety of software applications, including but not limited to Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkExpress, CorelDRAW, and Microsft Publisher to name a few.

By using these layout templates with your submitted projects, it will help save time and possibly hiccups, as well as eliminating production issues that might otherwise delay your order or increase your costs.

Sample Request

Want samples of this product? We’ll be glad to send some to you. Just let us know where to send it or you can come by our office at our convenient location in NYC.

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