Brooklyn Brochure Printing

Whether for your business, a wedding, or a presentation, brochures come in handy. A well designed brochure can present information in a succinct and creative way. While a brochure may not seem that difficult to create, there are a lot of elements to consider. Before you create that perfect brochure, there are a few tips that we can provide for your Brooklyn brochure printing designs. Here are a few pointers to make the best brochures for whatever you need.

Brooklyn Brochure Printing

Spacing | Brooklyn Brochure Printing

Most brochures only have between 6 to 8 panels, that’s not too much space to fit everything. Some people try to cram as much information into a brochure as possible. If you try to fill up each page with text, it’s going to scare your readers away. Brochures require a style that is short, sweet, and to the point. Decide on which information is most important for your brochure and focus on writing simple sentences that get your point across. You want to space out your information so it doesn’t overwhelm your readers. When most readers pick up a brochure, they judge whether they’ll read it or not in about two seconds. Use spacing to your advantage so you don’t overwhelm your potential readers.


When you split up the information for your brochure, you need catchy yet succinct headers for it all. You want something that’s clever for your content while also pulling your readers in. These headers can be as creative or simple as you’d like. However, they shouldn’t be too long and complicated while you try and think creatively. Your headers may need a few revisions, but once you find the perfect title, your readers will be hooked.

Images | Brooklyn Brochure Printing

The right image that fits well with your content can help your spacing and create a greater aesthetic appeal. An image placed in the right spot can capture your audience a lot faster. The point of a brochure is to attract attention, and vibrant images can make your piece stand out from the crowd. Set an image int the places eyes travel first. This includes mainly the top left corner or center of the page. When we skim a piece, we read in a “Z” pattern. Starting in the left hand corner and following that pattern, placing images in those areas will capture attention even faster.


The colors that you choose can affect the mood of your audience or the image of your company. Blue communicates calm and cool, whereas yellow says fun and happy, and black is the premium color for professionalism. Choose a color scheme that will compliment your goals for the brochure. Don’t go over the top with the colors you choose and don’t choose too many. To keep your message direct, you only want to use a couple colors. This will keep your branding clear and to the point.

Material | Brooklyn Brochure Printing

The type of paper you print your brochure on conveys your level of professionalism for your event or business. Regular printer paper may not cut it, and your regular printers cannot always handle premium card stock. A heftier material will feel good in the hands of your readers and let them know that you mean business. You can also choose a material that’s a little more unique than others. Consider getting a material with cut outs, or maybe even a textured layout. If you want the best printing job on the best materials, Absolut Color can help.

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