NYC Printer – Mistakes to Avoid

NYC PrinterWhen you’ve got a big printing job that needs to be done, it’s time to look for a NYC printer. There are a bunch of different companies out there, but not all will deliver the same quality of work. The last thing you’d want is to hire an NYC printer that does a poor job. Below are some mistakes that you should avoid when hiring an NYC printer.

Things to Avoid When Choosing an NYC Printer

  • Choosing Based On Lowest Cost. Many people believe the saying: “you get what you pay for”. This is especially true in the printing industry. There are 3 factors that need to be addressed when choosing to purchase anything: Quality, Service and Price. These 3 factors combined will give you the true value of what you have purchased. It is not possible for any company in any industry to offer the cheapest price, have the highest quality, and provide the best service all at the same time. Choosing an NYC printer solely because they offer the lowest price may end up costing you more than you had planned for.
  • Thinking All NYC Printers Are The Same. Quality printing is an art form. All printing companies are not the same. Each NYC printer has different employees, different equipment, and different values. Contrary to what many people believe, printing is not just running paper through a press and pushing a few buttons. It takes knowledge and skill to turn out a quality print job. As with any relationship, communication is key. It is important for you to ask as many questions you have about the product you are looking for. It is equally important for the NYC printer to ask you questions as well. It’s their job to understand exactly what you are looking for and provide it to you correctly the first time. Choose an NYC printer that that has experience and trains there employees properly.
  • You Think The Latest Equipment is All That Is Needed. Just because an NYC printer owns the “latest-and-greatest” equipment, doesn’t mean they know how to run it. These pieces of equipment are operated by human beings. Every person has different skill levels and techniques they are better at than others.  A skilled operator on an old press will produce a much higher quality job than a lesser skilled operator on a new press. Beware of companies that tout their newest equipment as their best reason to work with them. Choose an NYC printer that has low turn-over ratio and trains their press-operators properly.
  • You Choose an NYC Printer That Doesn’t Guarantee Their Work. All reputable printers guarantee their work. This means a printer that has made a mistake will replace whatever is needed at no charge, no questions asked. Unfortunately there are unethical printers out there that do not practice this and can cause a lot of problems for you. Instead, they will take no responsibility for their error and will not re-print the job for you.

Looking for an Experienced & Reputable NYC Printer?

Absolut Color is a local midtown Manhattan personal & commercial printing company. We have the capabilities, talent, and experience to service any size project. We will provide you with invaluable poster printing & other printing services as well as save you time, money, and frustration in dealing with your printing needs.

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queens brochure printing

If you have an important commercial or personal project that need to be printed, it is usually recommended to go to a professional NYC printer. The vast majority of a modern day business marketing is done through print, and people are used to seeing high quality work. It is therefore very important for your print materials to look professional if you want to be taken seriously and compete with the top players in your niche. Unfortunately, many people try and do print jobs themselves in an effort to save a few dollars. This inevitably results in sloppy unprofessional prints that don’t serve their purpose of generating new customers and/or sales. Here are some benefits and reasons why hiring a professional NYC printer might be the best move for your business.

NYC Printer | The Many Advantages

Why Hire a NYC Printer | More Options

Hiring a professional NYC will open up a whole lot of options to give your print materials that professional touch. Professional NYC printers have experience in graphic design and will be able to bring out the professionalism in your company’s identity. Creating an effective design is not as easy as one would think. This is where a professional NYC printer can help you and your business or whatever project you may need done.

Why Hire a NYC Printer | Professional Quality

Color printing that can withstand the hands of time is a great end result that can be produced by using your local NYC printer. A non commercial printer such as your standard home variety lacks the quality required to be able to do this yourself. The cost of replacing ink cartridges soon adds up as well.

Why Hire a NYC Printer | Save Money

Costs saved will be that of not only the ink but of your time too. The time you have not doing your own printing can be utilized on other aspects of your business or life in general. Spare time is hard to find these days so why take up yours by doing your own printing?

Why Hire a NYC Printer | Quick and Efficient

A professional NYC printer will look after the needs of you and your project. Whether you are looking for business cards, stationery printed or even a special item within a certain niche, they will be able to cater to you. A quick and reliable service is worth their weight in gold so be on the lookout for a NYC printer with these qualities.

Why Hire a NYC Printer | No Hassle!

Using the services of a NYC printer is quick and easy. Simply go into their store and explain your requirements with one of the members of staff. They will be able to go through all the services they have available.

Finding the Best NYC Printer for Your Project

Now that we have reviewed some of the reasons to hire an NYC Printer, we will discuss how to chose the best NYC printer for the job. When it comes to hiring an NYC printer, choosing the right company is of utmost importance regardless of whether it is for a commercial or personal project. Even the smallest of errors can render an entire batch of printed materials useless. Therefore, it is imperative that the job gets done right the first time. As you look for an NYC printer for your project, keep these tips in mind:

NYC PRINTER | NYC Printer Services - Professional NYC Printer

Choosing the Best NYC Printer | Do Your Research!

Before you contact a printer to do your project, turn to the web to gather some information about the company. The internet is one of the best ways to gather information about any given company. Look for customer reviews and testimonials for NYC printers in your area. If you see many positive reviews you can usually rest assured that your experience will be positive too! However, if you notice an overwhelming number of complaints, you should stay away from that company and look elsewhere!  You don’t want to throw money into a project that won’t turn out the way you need it to.

Choosing the Best NYC Printer | Interview the Employees

Give the company a phone call to see if they provide the services that you need. Explain to them exactly what you need, and take note of their response. Some things to remember are: turnaround times, quality options, prices, size options, and other factors such as these. Talking with the workers can also provide you with gut intuition on whether or not the company is right for you. If something just doesn’t feel right, go with your gut and call another company.

Choosing the Best NYC Printer | Bang for Your Buck

Not all NYC Printer companies are the same. Some provide better services at better prices than others. As you search for the perfect company, you want to be positive that the company can provide the quality, service and pricing that you need. Keep in mind that higher quality means higher prices, so compare prices related to your options to decide the best course of action. With many projects you may be able to pay less for a negligible difference in quality.

Choosing the Best NYC Printer | Turnaround Time

If you need your project completes within a set time, you must discuss this with the company before you hire them. It’s always a big mistake to assume that a job will be done in time, especially if you feel like you have plenty of time. Make sure to come to an agreement with the printer before you decide to move forward with the project. Once you have everything in writing, you know that you are in the clear.

Choosing the Best NYC Printer | Take Your Time!

Regardless of whether or not this is just a one-time project, having a reliable and trustworthy NYC printer is definitely a desirable thing, especially if it is for business purposes. If you are not careful, the wrong company could cost your business a significant amount of money loss. Although finding the perfect company seem tedious at first, in the long run you are investing in your company’s future. Spend some carefully searching for the company that you will trust for all future projects.

Looking for the Best NYC Printer?

Absolut Color is a local midtown Manhattan personal & commercial printing company. We have the capabilities, talent, and experience to service any size project. We will provide you with invaluable poster printing & other printing services as well as save you time, money, and frustration in dealing with your printing needs. Absolut Color offers templates to help you know exactly what parameters you should use, and can provide you with all the assistance you need along the way!

For more information, call us at 212.868.0404 or visit our website:

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